New Video Series Speaks Directly to Men and Women about Nutrition and Fitness at any age. Julie Stokes is 50 and fit! Her series of candid chats inspires countless people to GET UP and GET MOVING---regardless of age, life's challenges or time constraints.

GLENDORA, CA---Dec. 9, 2009--A Los Angeles County nutritional consultant, Julie Stokes sees 50 as fabulous!Her passion for changing the way we feel about aging is a welcome antidote to our youth-obsessed culture. Her new web series--"STRENGTH IN US" is the go-to-place where women find guidance, support and motivation.

Julie doesn't place herself above her clients, but sees them as equals, with the same level of challenges with willpower and discipline: "Hey, I know it's tough! I battle motivation myself--almost every day. You just have to make that decision and stick with it. Things will get better, I promise. So, let's go. Let's move! We have the strength in us to do it!"

Julie's message is simple: "Don't wait until January 2010 to get off the couch. Move a little today and little more tomorrow. Put the fork down and pick up your arms and feet--and get moving."

Join Julie on her web page for everyday tools from her professional and personal experience. Her own challenges have empowered her and will inspire you! Get started TODAY!

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