I have to give credit where credit is due for nothing is done of ourselves without God.  That is for me--it may not be for you.  NO judgment.
I had been married for 24 years.  As the reality of my failed marriage continued to unfold, I fought to hold my family together.   STRENGTH began in those years.

I have always been physically strong; however, emotionally I struggled to find the inner STRENGTH that was necessary to keep pushing forward.  I started the next chapter of my life by taking one step at a time, then one day at a time.  I told myself that I had the STRENGTH WITHIN ME.  For me it was God--He would guide me through the barriers and over the walls of this crisis.

It has been five years.  I have succeeded in climbing those walls.  NOW it is time for me to give back and help others find their own inner STRENGTH.  Together you and I will push through whatever barrier, wall or mountain you are facing to find YOUR STRENGTH.   You will become stronger and empowered by your new found energy.   In no time at all you will feel both physically and emotionally stronger.  Your STRENGTH will remain and you too will accomplish your goals.  CELEBRATE THE NEW YOU AND YOUR NEW LIFE!