I am a personal trainer and nutritional consultant in the Los Angeles area. My message to women is to find strength within yourselves. I will help you get up, get going and get in shape! I hope that my messages, which use practical tips, motivation and personal experience, resonate with everyone, especially women. And women over 50--you can look great. It's never too late and once you get started, I promise, you'll feel great and look great too!

In this video, I just encourage you to start moving. That's the most important part. You will become stronger and empowered by your new found energy. In no time at all you will feel both physically and emotionally stronger. Your STRENGTH will remain and you too will accomplish your goals. CELEBRATE THE NEW YOU AND YOUR NEW LIFE!

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Important Caution: Consult your doctor before undertaking this or any other exercise program. Julie Stokes disclaims any liability or responsibility for injury or damage resulting from any aspect of the program or this product.